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The World of Arvelas

The past catches up with Zebu in a secluded village where the retired wizard is raising his only grand-daughter. It comes with the promise of death. Desperate, Zebu finds hope in the shape of a powerful flower shining at the top of a mountain. The flower can save one life, but two are dying.

Development Notes

Published: April 14, 2016
Type: Short Story
Words: ~5300
Started: January 10, 2011
Status: Draft (50%)
Version: v0.12

About: Zebu

This is one of those stories that I rewrote many times over the years. It originated from a short text I wrote in 1994 while attending the English Learning Program (ELP) in Fredericton, where I currently live. Another version was completed in 2011 and in 2019, I decided to write it once more, taking a different approach.

The story provides information about Zebu, an important figure in the world of Arvelas and one of its most accomplished wizards. The text stands well on its own.

The kirisa flower on the cover comes from a photo I took in 2014 while visiting my parents. It was taken with this cover in mind. You can see the original photo here.

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