About this Story

Deficiency is the second science-fiction project I worked on and the first of significant length. The initial goal was to write a short story for submission to a contest. It had to be under 4,000 words, but that did not quite work out. My first completed draft missed the mark by more than 62,000 words! I have no idea how that happened... The latest revision is over 100,000 words.

Deficiency stands alone and takes place on the planet world of Garadia, which is the sole science-fiction setting I write into at this time. Although I am not planning any direct sequel to Deficiency, there is a lot to learn about Garadia and I am hoping to revisit this world with other stories.

The story revolves around a couple, Keidi and Artenz, as they try to build family in a society overly dependent on technology and controlled by powerful corporations. When Artenz' sister disappear, Keidi and Artenz find themselves the next target. They decide to flee, but quickly learn that their city has a dark side and that diving in it might be their only hope of escaping.

Setting: The System of Garadia
Words: ~105000
Type: Novel
Alpha Reading: Gaetan Clement
Beta Reading: Sylvie Danielle Paulin, Nathaniel Hardman, Christopher Jessulat
Cover: James T. Egan of Bookfly Design
Status: Publishing (90%)
Version: v0.15

In Progress