The Lord

About this Story

More than ten years ago, I started a trilogy in the world of Arvelas about the return of the orcs. By 2008, I had written the first two stories, in French, but I never got to complete the series.

The Lord was started in 2012 in between other projects and was an experiment of sort. Like Hyperion, by Dan Simmons, the first part of the story introduces a wide cast of characters one by one. The second portion of the story takes the shape of a meeting, with exchanges on different subjects, as the characters try to unravel the missing pieces of the recent events to have plagued their city.

Because of the many characters and the wide range of elements covered by the story, I understand it may present a challenge for readers not familiar with the world of Arvelas. On the other hand, this same complexity provides an in-depth look into Arvelas, which is why I decided to publish it anyway.

Setting: Arvelas
Words: ~37000
Type: Novella
Beta Reading: Gaetan Clement
Edited by: Kira Rubenthaler, Bookfly Design LLC (
Cover by: S.C.Eston
Status: Polishing (75%)
Version: v0.11


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