The Conclave


It all came down to this.
A traitor.


The city of Telstar has been freed and the enemy defeated. In the streets, the townspeople is celebrating, singing and drinking to the promise of better days to come.

Yet, at the top of an abandoned tower, a secret meeting is about to take place. Although victory was attained, questions remain unanswered. Some of Telstar’s deepest secrets got out and the impregnable city almost fell. It is unclear who betrayed the city and some will not sleep until the culprit answers for the betrayal.

Onthar, a high warrior dedicated to Tyr, deity of courage, takes it upon himself to call on emperor and queen, wizard and warriors, elf and orc, all heroes of the battle, to meet in secrecy and find out who among them betrayed his city.

But these are serious charges and these are powerful individuals. The meeting could easily turn into a confrontation, and if it does, it could achieve what the enemy could not: destroy the very city they all want to protect.

About this Story

More than ten years ago, I started a trilogy in the world of Arvelas about the return of the orcs. By 2008, I had written the first two stories, in French, but I never got to complete the series.

The Conclave was started in 2012 in between other projects and was an experiment of sort. Like Hyperion, by Dan Simmons, the first part of the story introduces a wide cast of characters one by one. The second portion of the story takes the shape of a meeting, with exchanges on different subjects, as the characters try to unravel the missing pieces of the recent events to have plagued their city.

Because of the many characters and the wide range of elements covered by the story, I understand it may present a challenge for readers not familiar with the world of Arvelas. On the other hand, this same complexity provides an in-depth look into Arvelas and should provide an entertaining read for fans of fantasy.

Started: June 28, 2012
First Published: October 24, 2018
Setting: Arvelas
Words: ~37000
Type: Novella
Alpha Reading: Gaetan Clement
Beta Reading: Sylvie Danielle Paulin
Editing: Kira Rubenthaler, Bookfly Design LLC (, Vanessa Ricci-Thode (
Cover: Illustration: Max Bedulenko (on ArtStation), Title and text: Kirk Shannon (
Inside Art: Illustrations: Kirk Shannon (
Manuscript Formatting: E-book: Jeremy McLean (, Print: S.C.Eston
Version: v1.13.1

In Progress

  • As of: February 10, 2019
  • Deficiency - Polishing v0.13