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Artist Tom Edwards

Posted: November 18, 2023

This is the second in a series of special posts related to my new book: The Stranger of Ul Darak.

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Tom Edwards, from Tom Edwards Design, the creative mind behind the covers of The Burden of the Protector and The Stranger of Ul Darak. In this interview, Tom speaks about his love for digital painting, his process, and shares some of his favorite things.

What were the challenges your encountered while of creating the cover for The Stranger of Ul Darak?

Tom: With this cover, I really wanted to get a great sense of scale and depth. This is always a challenging part of any illustration, but there are a few tricks I can use to really help with these elements. I split the painting into 3 - foreground, midground, and background. I can use colors and contrast to bring things closer or push things back. For example, the warm grass and flowers in the foreground contrast nicely against the greens and blues behind them. The characters in the foreground are also framed nicely by the brighter green grass, directing the viewer's eye directly to them.

Tom Edwards of Tom Edwards Design How long did it take you to create the cover, from start to finish?

Tom: This cover was fairly straightforward in terms of feedback and iterations. I think the completed painting took around 8 hours in total.

Question from a Red Dragon Insider Reader:
How long have you been an artist?

Tom: I’ve been a professional artist since 2011, so just over 12 years. I’ve been a book cover artist specifically for the last 8. Before that, I worked as a concept artist in a games studio right after university. I’ve drawn and painted most of my life though, so around 30 years since I picked up a crayon probably.

Question from a Red Dragon Insider Reader:
What do you enjoy the most about creating art?

Tom: I think it’s the fact I can start from a black page, and my hand can paint what’s in my head. It’s very rewarding and relaxing. Also, working with creative authors like Steve really helps me to do my best work.

Tell us about your favorite fantasy or science fiction book.

Tom: Easily Dune by Frank Herbert. It took me a while to actually read this one as I’m not a avid reader. The sheer scale of the book and the universe Herbert created was quite daunting, but I was very happy when I finally finished it.

Tell us about your favorite hobbies.

Tom: Apart from digital painting, I really enjoy painting miniature models. I also like playing miniature wargames, playing golf, and going to the gym to lift weights.

Tell us about your favorite music band.

Tom: My favorite band of all time is Poets of the Fall. They’re a rock band from Finland. I love their style of music and the lead singer Marko’s voice. I’ve followed them for a long time, and my wife loves them too. We try and see them whenever they’re in the UK, which is every few years.

Tell us about your favorite video game.

Tom: This one’s dicult as there are a few, but I think if I had to pick one it’d be Red Dead Redemption 2. The story, world, and characters are fantastic. I really got sucked into that world, and by the end, I really got attached to the main character and the horse I’d ridden all game.

About Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards from Tom Edwards Design My name is Tom, I'm a freelance illustrator and concept artist living in the UK. I studied graphic design at college, and then game art and design at De Montfort University. After my studies, I was hired as a concept artist at Codemasters, a UK-based games company. I worked on marketing artwork and concept art for racing and mobile games. My real passion is sci-fi and fantasy art.

I formed Tom Edwards Design in early 2015 after leaving Codemasters. My aim is to produce the highest quality artwork for clients, whatever the subject or genre. Most of my work to date has been for science fiction and fantasy book covers, and I’ve also worked on mobile games, board games, and RPGs.

I’m happily married to my wife Natalie, and we share our home with a wonderful cat called Peanut.

Connect with Tom Edwards of Tom Edwards Design

The Stranger of Ul Darak by S.C. EstonAbout The Stranger of Ul Darak

Sometimes saving a world means rebelling against it.

In an age long forgotten, nineteen hundred and eighty-three Seals were forged—magical disks placed around the world to repel the cosmic chaos beyond.

In the centuries that followed, the Sentinels were tasked with protecting those Seals. For countless generations, they succeeded.

Until now.

At six years old, Shéana is recruited to the order of the Sentinels. A decade later, she displays powers unlike anything any Sentinel has shown before. When she feels the world stirring in pain, she knows the shield surrounding Tyronia has been breached. The great chain is broken. And the order of the Sentinels lies in discord.

In the isolated village of Valdur, young Arth struggles to belong. Spurned by the other children, he ventures south to the endless mountains, and the strange barrier marking the edge of existence. The Final Horizon. Here he witnesses the impossible: a man emerging from beyond the veil—where nothing can possibly exist. A man Arth knows he must protect.

Now the fate of two worlds rests on a knife’s edge. Only the courage of a village boy and the power of a fledgling Sentinel can save them.

But to save their worlds, they must reject all they’ve been taught, leaving behind everyone and everything they’ve ever known.

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