Overview of the System of Garadia

Posted: April 30, 2016

When I started writing, I never thought I would branch out from fantasy and try my hand at science-fiction. It came about in between stories, at a moment when I felt like trying something different. I looked at my list of ideas, picked one that could only work in a science-fiction setting and started writing. I never completed that story (not yet anyway), but from it was born the world of Garadia.

Garadia is the main planet in a system probably not very different from ours. I use the word probably because there is still a lot I don’t know about Garadia. What I know so far is that large corporations are in control of Prominence (the largest city of Garadia) and keep very tight control on resources and technologies. The government has limited power, often being manipulated by the corporations. Many live in isolated regions, outside of cities, with very few resources. One such place is the Low Lands, located in the shadow of Prominence.

Technologies vary greatly on Garadia. Computers have evolved into a virtual world known as the Sphere and space travel is possible. Still, the distribution of advanced technologies (especially those related to transportation) is restricted by the corporations. In many places, technologies are very scarce. It is still unclear to me what relation, if any, Garadia has with other planets.

The stories of Garadia will often be about the struggle between the basic needs of its inhabitants (air, water and food) and the endless greed of the corporations and those in control. My first story in this setting is Logbox, a short story that will be available soon on this site. I am also working on a novel called Deficiency. It is taking place in the city of Prominence and I am hoping to complete it later this year.