Overview of the Realm of Tyronia

Posted: February 8, 2016

Tyronia is a setting that falls under the fantasy umbrella. It came from a contest launched by Wizard of the Coast around 2002. If I remember correctly, they were looking for a new setting for their role-playing games. I can’t remember what the prize was, but my brother Mathieu asked me and my friend Gaetan if we wanted to put a submission together. We did. In fact, we submitted three! None was selected. Tyronia was one of the submissions.

Tyronia is a world of contradictions and extremes, where truth and reality are never clear. Long ago, it was part of a larger world, but its borders are now closed and the imprisoned continent is divided by an unending argument between two powerful beings (Kyrma in the west and Shillis in the east). Magic is rare and dangerous, controlled by those known as the Sentinels. Deadly creatures live in dark places. Countries continuously wage wars, for a freedom that cannot be attained.

Although Tyronia certainly has many of the elements of the standard fantasy setting, the focus is on the constant struggles to find the truth, in all its form. The world has many mysteries, but I think the most interesting aspect resides with its inhabitants and the challenges they face in trying to learn what is real and what is not in their daily lives.

When submitted for the contest, Tyronia was mostly an empty shell. In the following months, as I was slowly making my way toward becoming an author, I looked at Tyronia and found that there was so much more to be learned. I asked Mathieu and Gaetan if they would have any objection to me writing a few stories in Tyronia. They did not (in fact, they also wrote stories of their own at the time).

Now, I can’t turn back. Tyronia has too many secrets that need to be uncovered. My first self-published story, The Burden of the Protector, takes place in this setting. I am now planning a series of novellas, which will follow the adventures of Arth de Valdur as he discovers more about Tyronia. It will be a fun adventure and I hope you’ll be there each step of the way.