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I grew up in the Acadian Peninsula, located in the northeastern part of the province of New Brunswick, Canada. Growing up, I often played outside, creating worlds in the trees around my parents' house where dragons and mystical creatures lived. At around ten, I wrote my first short stories, combining French text and pencil drawings (in colour!). I was luck to have two parents that encouraged creativity.

When I was 15, my friend Gaetan introduced me to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and to the Dragonlance books. I was quickly drawn to the magic and the adventures. I started creating an imaginary world of my own and populated it with heroes and villains. During that time, I read a lot of fantasy books and enjoyed each one immensely.

After university, I started writing again, mainly in French. Even though it was sporadic, I managed to complete three novels of substantial length. I attempted to publish one of these stories but was rejected. I did not know much about writing at the time and found it intimidating. I was also reticent to share what I had written. In the years that followed, I wrote less and less, never believing I could be an author (and not knowing I was already one). Little by little, I expanded my reading to science-fiction, and then to general fiction, discovering new books, new styles, and new authors. And then, I met my wife, Leigh.

Leigh and I got married in 2010. She changed everything. Leigh believed in me more than I did. She encouraged me to get back into writing and helped me set up an official writing niche at home. She bought me notepads and a laptop, so I could scribble down notes and ideas, and write stories. I have been writing part time, but regularly, ever since.

Leigh and I moved to Fredericton in the summer of 2010, where Leigh completed her degree is social work. We have two children, a boy of three and a girl of two. We love it here, especially the historical downtown, the beautiful river, and the old train bridge.

Steve (September 2020)

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steve [at] sceston [dot] ca

Thank you for your support and interest in my work.

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