About Steve Chiasson Eston

I was born in 1976 in Caraquet, located in the Acadian Peninsula of the province of New Brunswick, in Canada. I grew in the small village of Trudel, a beautiful and charming place in the middle of the woods. I played outside a lot growing up. There was a softball field beside my house and I made it a personal mission to use it as much as I could, especially in the summer months (it is gone now, overgrown with trees). Soccer, baseball and hockey were my favourite sports and I would call all my cousins and neighbours to come and play, almost every day. I am certain some days, they didn't want to come, but more often than not, they joined me.

I created my first stories when I was around 10, the final product of which was a series of short stories, combining text and drawings (in colour!). Both of my parents, Donald and Odille, were very encouraging when it came to my creativity, especially my drawings. That support went a long way.

When I was 15, my friend Gaétan introduced me to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and to the Dragonlance books. I was quickly drawn to the magic and the adventures. I started creating an imaginary world of my own and populated it with heroes and villains. During those years, I was also influenced by video games. I enjoyed Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy (especially the 4th installment, known as Final Fantasy II at the time in North America). During that time, I read a lot and everything I read was fantasy.

In 1994, I enrolled at Université de Moncton in computer science. I graduated four years later. I was lucky to get into the workplace right away, receiving a web developer position for the federal government. I stayed in web development until 2014, at which time I moved to a management's position in desktop engineering, where I still work.

I started writing again during the years following university, mainly in French. It was sporadic, although I managed to complete three novels of some length. It was the first time I wrote something significant. I tried to publish one of these stories but was rejected. I didn't know much about writing at the time and found it intimidating. I was also very reticent to share what I had written. I wrote less and less in the following years, not truly believing I could be an author (and not knowing I was already one). I wrote once in a while, but without any conviction. I expanded my reading to science-fiction, and then to general fiction, discovering new books, new styles and new authors. And then, I met my wife, Leigh.

Leigh and I got married in 2010. She changed everything. Leigh believed in me more than I did. She encouraged me to get back into writing and helped me set up an official writing niche at home. She bought me notepads and a laptop, so I could scribble down notes and ideas, and write stories. I have been writing part time, but regularly, ever since. My routine consists of writing late in the evening, often past midnight (it was a surprise to me to see how many writers do the same). Some nights, I put down a few thousand words. Other nights, I am too tired and simply get some sleep.

Leigh and I moved to Fredericton in the summer of 2010, where Leigh completed her degree is social work. We both like it here, especially the downtown, the river and the walking bridge.

- Steve, October 2015

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